It is made with a high weight fabric of 400 gram elastic polyester thread that prevents shrinkage or deformation, resistant to washing and pleasant to the touch.
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Technical information

A new formulation of 50D open cell viscoelastic is incorporated into the innovative sphere core, giving it greater density and extraordinary softness.
A core that provides immediate well-being through the massage effect of its bubble system and improves circulation with movements.

The result is a more durable, non-deformable, "ultra-soft" core that dissipates heat and moisture, relieving pressure points on the cervical spine.
Enjoy two possibilities of comfort: with bubbles on one side and hollow semi-spheres on the other side for a more traditional rest.


Bubble core with massage effect.
High density open cell viscoelastic.
Extraordinary softness and adaptation to the body anatomy.
Two zones of comfort and design.
Exclusive ventilation system.

Inner cover:
100% Elastic weight
Outer cover:
2% Elastomer / 98% weight
Viscopur excellence with orange trimming