It's a fireproof pillow.
According to the UNE EN 597-1:16 and UNE EN 597-2:16 standards, tested in the Reaction to Fire Laboratory of the AIDIMME Technological Institute.
VAT included

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Technical information

With viscoelastic core without additives, it is made from a specific formulation of balanced composition, which provides a very comfortable and comfortable rest and a warm cover of high grammage elastic polyester that prevents shrinkage or deformation, very resistant to washing, soft to the touch and flame-retardant.


Ergonomic viscoelastic core without additives.
Fireproof, anti-wrinkle and highly washable fabric.
Very comfortable and comfortable in pressure zones.
Great flexibility and softness.

Inner cover:
100% Elastic weight
Outer cover:
100 % weight
Fire-resistant treated
Fire-resistant Stretch fabric