It's a high-tech pillow for resting.
The core is developed with an innovative design from air drainage belts integrated in a surface composed of spherical bodies.
The obverse side is smoothed to provide two different sensations of comfort.
A high softness that has passed the most demanding quality controls of the market.
VAT included

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Technical information

The COOLER fabric, an international Interzum award, covers this advanced core with phase change technology (PCM) that reduces body temperature by 1.3 degrees, regulates humidity and prevents sweating, thus creating an optimal environment for uninterrupted rest, without thermal shocks.
High grammage of 400 grams, it combines cooler fabric with polyester.
It is very resistant to washing, comfortable to the touch and has a silky texture.


Temperature-regulating phase change fabric.
Anti-wrinkle fabric of high weight, which does not shrink.
Thermal equilibrium through its ventilation channels.
Ergonomic Viscoelastic.
Comfort zone with massage effect.

Inner cover:
100% weight
Outer cover:
42% Cooler / 58% weight
Cooling extreme with blue trimming