It is an intelligent pillow due to the core material and the extraordinary qualities of the Tencel® fabric with which it is made.
With a design, cross-linked in profiled viscoelastic with a density of 51 kg/m3 of open cell, it provides a 14-centimetre high structure that combines maximum ergonomics with a ventilation system that prevents heat accumulation and dissipates humidity.
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Technical information

The core has an elastic cover on the inside and a Tencel® fabric cover on the outside, that give it warmth, softness, and freshness.
An ecological fabric that provides unique properties, for its natural cellulose fibers that absorb moisture from the body and release it later.
It also has anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and anti-mites qualities, free of electrostatic charges.

Extraordinarily smooth and low abrasion, it is recommended for sensitive skin and is at the same time wrinkle-resistant and very durable, wash after wash.


Cross-linked and profiled system with constant air flow, heat dissipation.
Prevents and relieves neck and head discomfort.
Profiled design on the top for a perfect fit.
High porosity cells that promote hygiene and pillow recovery.
Absorbs and releases body moisture after rest.

Inner cover:
100% Elastic weight
Outer cover:
35% Tencel / 65 % weight
Tencel fabric with gold trimming